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The life of [this] SAHM: take care of baby. Clean. Attempt (and fail) to maintain order with the teens, clean some more, take care of baby, cook, clean, take care of baby, pass out before cleaning is done (because baby doesnโ€™t nap), repeat, daily.

Do I want to spend time with my husband? Sureโ€ฆ we sleep next to each other. Does that count?

Do I want to watch a TV show or movie? Sureโ€ฆ I read captions when Iโ€™m able to look up at the TV, and half listen to the rest through crying, talking, loud toys, gaming, and YouTube videos on cell phones.

Do I want to have a relaxing shower? Yeahโ€ฆ I get 5 minutes while the baby plays on the floor or while my husband is getting ready for work in the morning. Or in the middle of the night if I want to sacrifice sleep.

Do I want to eat a meal? Well yeahโ€ฆ I quickly shovel in whatever is baby safe for sharing while the baby is also eating, or while heโ€™s playing or asleep for the night.

Do I want to have a date night? Hell yesโ€ฆ. perhaps when the baby is old enough to have a sleepover with a school friend (in years).

This is my station in life.

Some days I wonder where I am in all of this. When do I get to fulfill some dreams or do what I want? Butโ€ฆ I adore my family. I love my husband. I love my kids. And I wouldnโ€™t trade them for the world.

Felix is 1!

We made it!ย  Felix is a year old!ย  He has grown and changed so much since he was born.ย  For the first six months of his life I didn’t think we’d make it to this day, but we sure did.ย  Nowadays, Felix is a very busy boy.ย  He is working very hard in physical therapy, building up those muscles that it takes to crawl and eventually walk.ย  He crawls a little bit at a time once or twice per day, so he DOES know how.ย  But he finds it easier and faster to army crawl on his belly to get to what he wants.ย  He likes to use his walker toys to pull himself up onto his knees or his feet.ย  But he’s not at all steady on his feet yet.ย  I am excited for him to learn how to use his body in these ways, but I am in no hurry.ย  He’s moving on his own timeline and I’ve finally come to a place of acceptance with that.ย  He’s healthy and happy and that’s what matters the very most.

Felix is still breastfeeding, though less these days.ย  He eats breakfast, lunch and supper with the family, mostly eating what we eat.ย  He still has some purees and softer foods because with his motor delays, he has some delays in how he eats as well.ย  But its getting better every day.ย  He loves bath time…. in fact I think anything involving water is his favorite!ย  He splashes and crawls around in the tub.ย  And when I take him to the pool at the local YMCA, he is very excited and kicks and splashes the whole time!ย  His other favorite part of the day is breakfast time with mommy and daddy before work.

I don’t want to jinx anything and say everything is on track with sleep… because nothing is perfect.ย  But for the time being things have improved.ย  In general he’s sleeping more at night, but still never took up napping.ย  I’ve accepted that as well, and quite enjoy him being awake and keeping me company during our days.ย  He’s so fun, smiley, and really likes helping me do household chores and having me play with him in his playroom.ย  He also has a couple of friends for play dates now.

Some things coming up for Felix: he had an eye exam and they found he needs glasses.ย  Hopefully that will help inspire him to keep working on crawling.ย  We’re hoping if he can see further and more clearly, he will want to explore his surroundings more.ย  Also, when he stands, he has a tendency to turn his feet over and stand on his toes and the tops of his feet with his toes curled under.ย  The PT says that is what some kiddos do for stability, though it is terribly counter-productive.ย  So he’s getting SureSteps (braces) for his feet that will go with shoes and help create the habit of standing on his feet properly.ย  He is expected to need them for only about 6 months, since he’s so young.ย  Also, since we’ve been working so hard on large motor skills, we’re going to get new evaluations for fine motor skills and feeding.ย  He’s making wonderful progress, so we expect a little extra help will help him get caught up all the quicker.

This has been a challenging, but exciting year.ย  I’m very happy with how far we’ve come, and where we are now.ย  I’m excited to see what the next year brings and beyond.ย  Felix has become such a wonderful little boy.ย  I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Felix is 10 Months Old!

Felix is 10 months old today. He is so happy these days, and is a delight to spend our days with.

We are doing better with routines now, and I think that has helped him understand when bedtime is. Sleeping remains a struggle, and naps are nearly nonexistent, but weโ€™re going to continue to work on it.

The developmental specialist said we should try to re-introduce dairy into Felixโ€˜s diet, and so far itโ€™s going well in small quantities. He is eating a pretty wide variety of foods now, and is finally starting to try and feed himself.

He is not crawling yet, though he is getting closer every day. His physical therapist reduced his visits to every other week rather than every week because heโ€™s making such wonderful progress. She said she anticipates him being caught up with his peers by age 2. We are just all so happy that he is getting caught up, and that he has passed his fussy first several months.

I canโ€™t believe we are nearing one year old! Onward and upward!

Step 2?

Felix had his follow-up with his developmental specialist last week. All genetic tests came back normal. Imaging and other tests were normal except reflux, which we already knew. Great and consistent progress and improvement during physical therapy. So Dr. Noble said unless we wanted to chase any genetic anomalies, he wouldnโ€™t see him back for another 6 months. Which we chose not to do since he seemed very optimistic and not at all worried any longer.

Things Felix has left to do in November:

โ€ข Othamologist

โ€ข Audiologist

โ€ข GI Specialist

โ€ข Neurologist and EEG

โ€ข Continued physical therapy

No new specialists beyond November at this point. We may have follow-ups, and of course continued physical therapy, but nothing more referred by Dr. Noble. Weโ€™re making progress!

Felix is 8 Months Old!

Felix is 8 months old today! In the last month he has really blossomed. Whatever funk he was in for the first 6 months of his life has definitely passed.

Things he does now:

โ€ข Looks at faces, makes eye contact, smiles, and has stranger anxiety.

โ€ข Rolls front to back, back to front.

โ€ข Reaches up and out with his hands to grabs objects.

โ€ข Sits for a few moments at a time, with improvement every day.

โ€ข Stays on hands and knees for a few moments with help.

โ€ข Squeals, babbles, and razzes all the time.

โ€ข Enjoys bath time (and swimming at the Y).

โ€ข Likes playing games and singing, like โ€œPat-A-Cakeโ€ and โ€œItsy Bitsy Spider.โ€

โ€ข Actively and happily participates in physical therapy at appointments and at home.

โ€ข Drinks breastmilk on demand, and eats purรฉed baby food twice a day.

โ€ข Sleeps in his crib (no longer his bassinet) for longer stretches of time at night. But still doesnโ€™t nap well.

โ€ข Still prefers the outdoors.

Iโ€™m sure there are a few things Iโ€™m missing. But these are all big changes that came all at once. He also got his 6 month shots today since he was on a delayed schedule due to his previous CMV infection. At his appointment he weighed 18 lbs 1 oz, and was 27 inches tall.

Now if I could just get him to smile for a picture, it would be really helpful for these monthly updates. Haha!